metropolen is a team project. All collaborators have an artistic background with different skills.

Kristine Thiemann, fashion photographer, artist and founder of metropolen.
In 2002, while living in Paris, she starts portraying her hometown Norderstedt with the local people and thrilling locations. Currently she travels between France and Germany as an artist and fashion photographer.

Kristine Thiemann

Eva Kolb, graphic designer and paper artist.
Eva and Kristine enjoy collaborating and creating new art-adventures for everyone to participate. She works and lives between Hamburg and Bern.

Eva Kolb



Eliska Ernoult

Elizabeth Ernoult, comedian, director and woman of mobilisation.
She meets Kristine during "Vitrolles échangeurs" in 2012. Since then she is a regular team-member of metropolen. Elizabeth lives and works between France and Morocco.

Carole Théodoly


Perrine Boissier


Serena di Ruscio