The main idea of metropolen is adapted for schools and young people who are involved in the progress of creating an image and telling a story in a variety different ways

During a four-month residence in the context of CLEA ( Contat Local d’Education Artistique ) we have experienced again a wonderful and inspiring way to bring people closer to creativity. This project has involved the comunity of the Val de Sambre.
Following the idea of metropolen our Team was collaborated with 12 schools and after scholl programs in the production of stage-managed photographs.


We lead the children to an artistic approach, adapted to the age and needs of each school. In the context of their own environment, sorroundings and personal experiences the young artists helped creating their own scenarios and featured in the photographs.


With the help of their teachers, and in collaboration with the artists involved in the project, each participating class went through the different stages of production: CASTING – Gathering PERSONAL and territorial STORIES - CULTURAL GOODS – LOCATION SCOUTING - ROLE PLAYING - Inventing and creating COSTUMES and accessoies- setting up a STORY BOARD



The metropolen sur la sambre project was presented as a giant game of Scrobble.  
The schools' final pictures were each printed on 20 x 20 cm wooden, magnetic tiles and combined into a story on a 3 m x 3 m metal board, similar to the game Scrabble! This allowed for the Val de Sambre community to visually come together in the form of intertwined narratives, like they would in real life.